Top in the region


​​​​​​​Cody Cope at AccountStaff

Cody has gone above what any other person would. He has helped me find different positions. The current position I'm in I really enjoy and have him to thank.

Nicole Pickerd

Jeromie McBride at AllTek

He was always very professional but also very approachable. Somehow he managed to keep his patience with me despite my chronically late time sheets. I always got a very quick response from him if I had questions or concerns, and he was very knowledgeable with respect to the specific company I was working for and with the oil and gas industry in general. Overall, he was very pleasant and easy to work with, and I can't say that about very many of the recruiters I've dealt with.

Courtney Menon

Maggie Land at Accountstaff

Maggie Land was wonderful to work with. Changing careers is something to never take lightly, so finding someone who addresses your needs and concerns is imperative, which is what I liked about AccountStaff the most. They are always there for you, and do all the hard work. I could not recommend a better staffing agency.

Stephen K.

Angela Love at AccountStaff

She worked diligently with me to suggest recommendations for my resume to better articulate my skill set and is arranging for me to be interviewed for several positions that fit my goals! Craig Luccy